Our client was looking to make an addictive game and he came to us with the idea of Dunkin monkey. The concept of the game is very interesting, the player has to dunk the monkey in the bucket of water under the booth on which the monkey is sitting and to do so, the player is given three balls which he has to hit on target.

The game has three levels, each one harder than the previous one and when you complete all the levels, you can use custom image of a person from phone gallery or camera on monkey’s face and dunk him in water.



  • Audio Systems

  • HD Graphics

  • Game Levels

  • Leaderboard

  • Touch Control Play

  • Game Settings

  • Gallery


Client Requirement

The client wanted some great animations, audio and visual graphics in his game which would make the game addictive for the users.

The client also wanted a custom feature where the face of monkey could be changed using any picture from the camera or the gallery.

A feature of animating monkey character was also added by the client.

What We did

When the end product was delivered to the client, he was extremely happy because the game was exactly how he wanted. The game was smooth and the controls were easy and fast requiring only one touch.



Besides being able to maintain same layout in Android and iOS platforms, the client asked us that the app should also be supported in phones with lower ram and should work properly in all the resolutions of smartphones.

Other Challenges

  • Integration of real time Physics simulation
  • Use of box2d physics written C++
  • In App use of phone camera
  • In App use of phone gallery


In order to deliver same layout in both android and iOS platforms, we separately created same layout for both the platforms, used all physics simulation calculations in order to make the character movements accurate. We also used Letterbox technique to support resolution in different screen sizes.


Target Audience

The app was developed keeping in mind the audience of all age, gender and all different demography.


Even though the client didn’t had much technical knowledge at the beginning of the project, but still he was able to successfully lead the project because of the suggestions of the team. The app made good business in the market and was a great hit.