elogbook is a no-paper application for android and windows phones which is useful in reducing the paperwork between facility managers and engineers. This application allows the users to monitor and control the workflow at multiple sites at same time.



  • Multiple property management

  • Management of Tenants

  • Contractor database

  • Log Reactive Jobs

  • Request quotes

  • View jobs

  • Manage Notifications

  • Statistics

  • Nomination


Client Requirement

The client wanted a feature rich application which would reduce the usage of trees by keeping the records in the mobile application database instead of conventional paper.

The client wanted to primarily reduce the paperwork required between the property owners and contractors.

What We did

We integrated all the features that the client asked for and also suggested him few more features which could help him succeeding in his dream of reducing paperwork. We made the flow of events in the application very smooth and user friendly.



A specific layout was needed for multiple modules because of their unique requirements and to minimize the code and increase simplicity. Modules of the application are interrelated so there were some complications in implementing such modules.

Other Challenges

  • Complex json parsing
  • Table column indexing in SQLite
  • Document attachment
  • Offline data sync
  • Barcode scanning


We created our own JSON parser helper classes so that we can gather the data and then store complex JSON directly into the database which helped us to integrate the data according to the requirement in the modules.

We also customized the menu-bar and form for elogbooks audit keeping in consideration the API and the client requirements. And in order to reduce the query execution time, we applied indexing to optimize searching.


Target Audience

Tenants , service providers, suppliers, Contractors, Facility Managers and Engineers are the primary users of this application.


Our team provided ideal outcome which was desired by the client. We delivered the project with dedication and passion which made the client say “this is exactly what I was looking for”. The workflow and listing of data both were smooth and quick.