Macktrack is a social media application which allows its users to share music, pictures, videos, and songs with their loved ones. This application has a unique feature of exploring images and videos across the globe.



  • Add users as friends

  • Track Other Users

  • Share Feeds, Posts, Pictures And Videos

  • Embed music on the go

  • Users can chat with friends

  • Edit images with use of filters

  • Explore public feeds

  • Direct message module


Client Requirement

The client wanted his users to share photographs, music, videos, track feeds and geotag the posts. The client wanted a real time application that lets him connect with the world virtually.

What We did

We delivered all the requirements of the clients as per his guidelines. We also added a custom feature of editing images with filters and embedded music on the go feature.



The client wanted custom Image Processing where the user can Zoom in and Zoom out to crop the image. The client also wanted to apply effects to the images like image rotation and applying filters to the images.

Other Challenges

  • Make UI better than instagram
  • Add music in feeds directly from iTunes library.


We’ve optimized predefined libraries as per the client’s project requirement, and with the use of GPUImage third party library our team has applied all effects.

To make UI better than instagram, we’ve implemented animations in app. We’ve used iTunes web-api for fetching music and search from iTunes.


Target Audience

This application is developed for music lovers and social media enthusiasts. The client also wanted to develop this app for people who like to share images and videos.


The application is developed to work in both online and offline conditions. This feature has lead to great increase in the user base of the client.