Sheep up keep is a 2D entertainment game. The concept of game is that a sheep comes from one end of the screen and runs towards the other end while the player has to smash it as soon as possible. This makes the game very addictive.



  • HQ Audio

  • HD Graphics

  • Multiple levels

  • For all ages

  • Touch Control Play

  • Game Settings


Client Requirement

The client wanted a beautifully designed 2 dimensional game with multiple sheep moving from slow to fast speed. The client said that when the user taps the sheep, he will go to next level but if he misses, the game gets over.

What We did

We researched the similar games in the market and after that, we enhanced the client’s concept with few more features which would help him to make his app successful.



The main challenge was to create & manage the game play environment with multiple sheep layers so that it would not collide with each other and the background objects too.

Other Challenges

  • use of layering technology
  • Avoiding collision.
  • advanced animations
  • seamless and smooth gameplay.


The client was pleased after reviewing the game as it was exactly what he wanted. This was possible because our team followed the client’s guidelines and requirements perfectly. To provide great graphics, we used new-gen consoles to handle animation and physics simulation calculation which allowed us to deliver a smooth game play.


Target Audience

The primary target of the client were children below 14 years but the game turned out to be so amazing that now the user base consists of all age groups.


We were able to deliver Straightforward, one touch control to play, and easy to understand game because of our teamwork and dedication.