Being different

Curiosity and exploration are the two most essential traits we possess and they distinguish us from our competitors. And no we have not sent that rover to Mars. Not yet! Innovation and ingenuity are the other two that makes us unique in technology service market.


We are curious to know How, What, Why and When of every issue to provide a solution by Who, Where, When and How Much.


We love to move into uncharted waters to explore the best creative ideas and insight of what we have on offer both in terms of talent and capabilities.


We are an idea factory. We imagine, innovate and implement great ideas into technology solutions.


We trust our workers’ ingenuity. We tell them what we want and they keep on surprising us with new and disruptive ways the technology works.

Flexible, Reliable and Scalable

We tailor our engagement model depending upon your business requirements. We ensure that you enjoy the benefits of our expertise, lower exposure to risks and cost-effective project management.


Fixed Price

Fixed price model is convenient when scope and specification of the project are reasonably well defined. It’s a low-risk model in which we define expected deliverables and fix time-lines of each milestone ultimately fixing a deadline of the project. It is applicable to Agile projects too as the scope of a project is determined in advance along with the costs regardless of the project size.

  • Fixed deadline of project
  • Cost and overheads are quoted
  • Pre-defined solution in detail
  • Specified Scope and Specification
Time and Material

Time and Material

Time and Material cost model is convenient and offers greater flexibility both in terms of costs and project requirements. In this Pay Per Hour model you pay for the resources you choose on an agreed hourly basis. This is a perfect model for complex projects with inevitable changes in design and specifications. You can increase or decrease team size depending upon the requirements and project needs.

  • Greater project flexibility
  • Variable budget and cost
  • Pay per hour model
  • Design and specification iterations
Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

This model offers great flexibility in terms of control over project cost, deadline and specification plan. Dedicated resources like developers, testers, team leaders, designers etc. are available on a long-term contract for a fixed monthly fee for their services and you can also pick and choose resources from our pool by conducting interviews. You can monitor progress of the project via remote monitoring and make numerous iterations within the project scope.

  • Handpick Dedicated resources
  • Control Cost and Milestones
  • Convenient for large projects
  • Flexibility to make numerous iterations

Our team formation

Whether you hire a single developer or create your own team of developers, our team structure remains the same. We work with the same vigor and maintain same quality standards for all our work and processes. We are fully committed to complete your work and maintain security to give you best IT support and services. And that’s our guarantee.

Have an idea? We are all ears to listen to your requirements.