Top 5 reasons to hire a developer for information technology work with us

Affordable and flexible engagement models

We are entrepreneurs and we understand the need for flexibility in terms of costs. Therefore, we’ve devised three types of engagement models you can choose to get your work or project through us. We also allow you to interview a resource before you hire giving you a glance into an individual’s technical strong points. And no we don’t charge you extra for interviews.

    Fixed price
  • Defined scope
  • Agreed pricing
  • Fixed deadline
    Time and material
  • Flexible resourcing
  • Cost-effective
  • Room for revision and creativity
    Dedicated team
  • Direct reporting to client
  • Choose from pool of resources
  • Pay monthly or hourly
Great project management skills and experience

We work the boring hours and tedious coding to do the magic. In the meantime you can relax and do the things that need your attention. We will keep you informed about every detail and step taken of your work via phone, chat and email.

Our team of expert project managers, UI/UX designers, developers, coders and quality analyst work with immaculate efficiency and execute your work with pin precision. They’re like our guided rockets that launch satellites into space. We only employ the best. We have a knack of completing projects before the deadline expires. (use below figures like we’ve used on our site.)

    Fixed price
  • Defined scope
  • Agreed pricing
  • Fixed deadline
Cutting-edge technology and solutions

We’re into end-to-end technology solutions and IT enabled services from a simple web development to mobile application development and technology solutions from enterprise mobility to big data and from cloud computing to Internet of Things (IoT). They can be easily implemented on your current IT infrastructure or a new IT architecture.

We’ve developed an innovative and path breaking method with Seven D which completes a full life cycle of any project.

(a mini version of the 7D process from our methods page.)

Quality and security

While we’re into business, making a profit isn’t our first goal but customer delight is. We don’t cut corners to meet a project goal or objectives. Quality and security of your data is our first and foremost priority. Moreover, we can vouch for complete privacy of your data and only use industry standard third party tools for communication and data storage.

We deliberate on each process and specification, from gathering requirement to signing off the project. We follow First Time Right (FTR) as a quality and security policy to ensure that we give the best IT products and services in a secured and error-free environment.

  • First time right (FTR) resolution
  • Automated checking of application
  • Manual quality analysis of work and processes
  • No Smartphone on floor
  • Secured landline and broadband connection
  • Secured server and 356 bit encryption of data
Tech support and maintenance

While we ensure that there are no downtimes, things go awry before we can say Quidditch. We take maintenance and technical support as a war task. It has to be acknowledged and reported within few hours and taken upon task in 24 hours, as a priority.

We can maintain any system whether it’s our own or created by a third party. Our team is capable of handling any situation and resolving any issue at hand. We are available 24X7, 365 days to support you in any technological or operational difficulty with products. All you need to do is to log an issue and we take care of it immediately.

Our expertise

We take care of end-to-end development of application, software, websites and coding from design to deployment. We are not only experts in building custom applications but also well versed with third party tools and application for any type of technology related work from Consultation to deployment.


We assist small businesses, individuals, consultants, enterprises and big businesses to discover and implement best information technology (IT) solutions to address their complex business challenges. We help companies in accelerating their business by solving technical challenges and proposing new methods to address pain issues, enabling them to concentrate on their primary objectives.

We provide consultation for
  • Technical issues
  • Technology platforms
  • Web applications
  • Data
  • Software
  • Design
  • Business Intelligence(BI)
  • Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Mobile applications
on various complex technical issues, and new technologies for
  • Startups
  • Takeovers
  • Business expansions
  • Ongoing operations
  • Enterprises
  • Small and Medium businesses

Analysis of systems, data and business processes is essential for any business to be successful. We deploy various data capture techniques on multiple platforms and use tools to analyze them to leverage them into our favor. We provide data and analysis services for own solutions, third party applications and industry leading tools. We cater to our clients for Google Analytics and Social Media analysis too.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Architecture and Modeling
  • Big data
  • Data analysis and mining
  • Data Migration and Management
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization

Our expert team can help you connect your systems be it on different applications, software, servers, remotely or even on mobile and web applications. We can assist you in on-going integration or even refine the integration by reviewing processes. Our experience in dealing with real-life events and live monitoring of integration over years have made us experts on all technical aspects when it comes to data or system integration.

We employ a variety of techniques and tools from one system to another, including:

Data Integration:
  • ETL approach
  • SSIS
  • Custom SQL
  • Push/ Pull data
  • Simego
  • #code
Application Integration:
  • Use existing web services
  • RESTful
  • Use secure authentication
  • SOAP
  • Custom protocols
  • Data transfer technology
  • OAuth for Authorization
Single Sign On:
  • LDAP protocol
  • SAML (AD FS) integration
  • Active Directory integration
  • implement Single Sign On

We have a skilled, special and dedicated DevOps team that can implement or Deploy any application, software, website and custom configuration. We have our own seven D methodology and 5E processing systems that take care of any deployment challenge in an automated way. The goals of our DevOps team for deployment include improved deployment frequency, which can lead to quick turn-around-time (TAT), lower failure rate of new releases, shortened time between fixes, and faster mean time to recovery in the event of a new release crashing or otherwise disabling the current system a Venn diagram showing 3 circles Development, QA and Operation and in the middle we’ll show DevOps.

  • Quality Analysis
  • Custom UI/ UX deployment
  • Package installations
  • Code implementation
  • Testing
  • Application performance monitoring

We offer flexible support services to ensure applications run smoothly with zero downtime, while our clients concentrate on new business opportunities and tend to vital business needs. As part of our services, we provide corrective re-engineering of solutions, adaptive maintenance in altered environments, third party takeover, and scheduled maintenance to guarantee applications with the latest technologies.

  • Technical Maintenance
  • Application management
  • Software Maintenance
  • Website Maintenance
  • CRM Management
  • Database Maintenance

Team format

Whether you hire a single developer or create your own team of developers, our team structure remains the same. We work with the same vigor and maintain same quality standards for all our work and processes. We are fully committed to complete your work and maintain security to give you best IT support and services. And that’s our guarantee.

Want us to work for you?


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