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When you hire RoR developers from us, they would stay connected with you closely and deliver innovative web applications that will make your business grow. Our Ruby on Rails experts build specialized RoR applications according to the latest trends in the industry. Clients can be assured that they would be getting future-ready solutions from our team when they choose to hire offshore RoR developers.

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Why i-Verve for Hiring Ruby on Rails developers?

By the Numbers

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Ruby on Rails is an open source object oriented web application development framework that is based on MVC. RoR is widely used for build data-driven web apps rapidly. We offer quality RoR development solutions using the latest tools and technologies. With years of experience in the industry, we have leveraged the Model-View-Controller model of Rails to deliver scalable solutions to our clients worldwide. When you hire Ruby on Rails developers from us, they launch your products in the market in the least timeframes.

Extend your team remotely

We have a robust workforce of well-trained RoR experts for hire. The vibrant team of RoR developers builds business-oriented web applications that reflect high-standard code quality. We have worked with startups as well as large businesses and helped them achieve their business objectives. As our RoR developers practice proven skills, myriad approaches, and innovation, we are confident that our clients get future-ready solutions from us.

When you hire RoR developers from us, you get a pool of young and dynamic experts who are well versed with unrivaled experience in working with ReactJS, AngularJS, and BackboneJS. With an in-depth knowledge and expertise in server-side technologies such as Rails, Sidekiq, SipML5, WebSockets, and others, our developers deliver outstanding RoR web application development solutions. They can also build robust Android and iOS mobility solutions with powerful backend with Sencha Touch, JavaScript Libraries, and other MVC architecture. We have huge expertise in open source frameworks and can cater to all the different types of requirements.


Hire a team of your choice

You can interview the RoR developers and choose to hire the best one that fits in your requirement and budget. If you do not get satisfactory results, we would provide you a replacement or refund.

Complete client satisfaction

We work on the latest and most advanced technologies to deliver 100% client satisfaction. We believe in building long term business relationships with our clients.

Great technical knowledge

Our Ruby on Rails experts carry varied experience levels for building great products. They have huge expertise in the most advanced technologies and latest coding standards.


We maintain complete transparency with our clients and do not hide anything from them. Clients can communicate with the hired RoR developers and exchange ideas.

Flexible engagement models

We offer hourly, weekly, and monthly hiring models. Clients can choose to hire Ruby on Rails programmers on a part or full-time basis.

Excellent communication

Communication is the key to a successful project. We understand this and ensure that our resources are well versed with speaking English and writing professional emails.

FAQs about hiring RoR developers

  1. What version of Ruby on Rails do you use?
  2. We always use the latest versions of technologies. We use Rails 5.2.2 for all projects as of now.

  3. What databases do you use with RoR?
  4. We use MongoDB, MYSQL5 and PostgreSQL with RoR projects.

  5. How can we interview your developers?
  6. We provide the facility to the clients to interview the resources via Skype or any other IM. We share the resumes and work samples of the available resources for hire, you can choose the best one matching your requirements and interview them online.

  7. Which payment gateways can you use with Ruby on Rails?
  8. We have used Paypal, stripe, authorized.net, balanced payment, and other payment gateways for client projects.

  9. I want to hire multiple Ruby on rails developers. Can you help?
  10. We have a large pool of RoR developers to choose from. You can choose to hire as many developers as you may want. If you want us to manage your project, we can appoint Project managers to manage multiple resources you hire.

  11. If I hire a resource, will he be working for my project only?
  12. When you hire a dedicated developer, he would be working for your project exclusively 8 hours a day for full time. Clients are sent regular work reports

  13. Can your developer work with the technical team that we already have?
  14. Yes. We will be happy to work with your technical team. Your technical staff members can communicate with the hired resources on a day-to-day basis to get their project requirements completed.

We offer flexible hiring models RoR development based on clients’ individual requirements. You can hire domain experts working remotely and fulfilling all your project needs with out-of-the-box solutions. Hire Ruby on Rails programmers to work for you just like your employees. Whether you want to build an application from the scratch or upgrade an existing one, hiring Ruby on Rails developers can be the best option.


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