Amazon, eBay, and Google Merchant are a gold mine of ready to buy customers for your products. More than 200MM active customers and over $100B of sales annually at Amazon alone! At i-Verve we help ecommerce businesses and seller in setting up their stores on top marketplaces. Too many people are scared to take on, or won’t even look at, selling on Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay as a new way to do business.

If you’re not on top ecommerce marketplace, then your competitors are eating up Amazon customer demand!

Ecommerce Marketplace Store Setup Services

We are helping small to large businesses in setting up ecommerce stores regardless of platform and number of products.



i-Verve offers a world class eCommerce store setup services comprising Basic setup, Category approval, Product listing up to 10 SKU and applicable to Amazon USA/CA/UK and Europe.



You are sure to get an SEO optimized store on eBay with on-page SEO set-up, basic settings, eBay store front setup, listing up to 10SKU and applicable for eBay USA/CA/UK/ and Europe.


Google Merchant

You will get Google Merchant Account Setup; Feed setup, Diagnostic of feeds, Google Shopping Ads Campaign on this powerful platform and Google shopping ads management.

Ecommerce Setup

Benefits Of Ecommerce Setup

ECommerce setup is attributed with number benefits such as
  • The very prime benefit you will derive is the greater volume of sales from the channels with loads of traffic which will ultimately result in better ROI.

  • Be rest assured of the new customers as it is the products’ searches that direct a customer to your store who has been purchasing from your rivals.

  • Inevitable to mention here that most people today choose to make purchases through market places due to increasing trend of shopping on mobile devices.

Why you should choose i-Verve for eCommerce Store Setup

  • We are one stop eCommerce solution provider ready to answer your A to Z queries for eCommerce setup.

  • You will get up-to-the-mark professional store management services handled by our prudent techies.

  • Efficient cost and time management in terms of handling your eCommerce store.

  • Well trained team to take care of the core tasks like marketing and addition of products, products ranking and optimization, SEO of eBay and Amazon.

  • Dedicated resources allocation according to the requirements by the client.

  • A team of Google certified Adword experts to take care of Google Merchant Setup.

  • Client-centric approach for eCommerce store setup for the seller.

  • You will get cutting-edge services in every area be it development, consulting, store management or marketing of your eCommerce store.

How to Choose a Marketplace

Starting an ecommerce business needs very calculative steps with accurate decision making at every step at the right time to make it successful. At i-Verve we are focusing on setting up with a solid foundation for a new business. Let professionals help you with setting up ecommerce stores. Contact Us.

Considerations for Amazon Marketplace Setup

There is usually a monthly fee for listing your products on Amazon; referral and other fees are charged upon making a sale and vary depending on your product category (a 15% commission for most categories). Fulfillment by Amazon, which involves sending your inventory in bulk to Amazon and letting them handle shipping and fulfillment.

Considerations for eBay Marketplace Setup

There is an insertion fee per listing, per category, but sellers get a fixed amount of “free listings” per month depending on their eBay account type. However there are also Advanced Listing options that you can pay for to spruce up your listing. You will need to figure out shipping and fulfillment, either by doing it on your own or working with a third party fulfillment center.

Consideration for Google Merchant Setup

Google Merchant Center is to allow businesses to upload and maintain product information, including pictures and pricing, to be displayed in relevant Google Shopping searches. It is a pay-per-click product ad campaign service that displays your products’ ads in Google search results. It means you will be charged if someone clicks on your product ads.


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