Android and iOS mobile apps have reduced the workload of the many government and non-government organizations within the recent past. AADC (Al personal Distribution Company- a sole distributor and provider of water and electricity in national capital) could be a reasonable business app developed particularly for Abu Dhabi customers.

This mobile app development has been tired such how that it becomes simple to control on each the platform humanoid & iOS. It helps customers connect with AADC for a straightforward, quick and economical bill payment method. This revolutionary mobile payment app, AADC abridge remote communication to make a complicated approach of paying electricity bills.


Consumers will pay water and electricity bills in the swipe! It lets them have fast online payment on-the-fly or on-the-go with this Android/iOS development. AADC has taken Associate in Nursing initiative by providing customers with the simplest bill payment services within the absolute best manner. Voters of urban center will pay bills on-line at convenience from any nook and corner of the globe. AADC app saves heaps of your time of shoppers hence; a handy mobile app development answer imparts an excellent manner.

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