Charity app is a mobile application which allows its users to donate in charity. The user has to enter his debit/credit card details in the application to get representation of the purchases he has done from the card.

The app also calculates the roundups of the all the transactions till 5$ and after that, it will ask user to donate the money with a popup notification, once the user clicks on OK in the pop up, the money will get donated in 5 different charitable trusts.


Our team has pretty good experience in developing these types of applications, This app came with a challenge of Plaid API which is bit complex in nature, but, the team was able to accomplish it easily. We made the app workflow simple and easy, also the app is multi-platform supporting. We made register and login panels, we also integrated third party api. There is a feature of rounding up in the app where user can round-off the donation amount. In this app, we have integrated pay-pal as payment gateway.

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