About Kicklux

Klicklux is an innovative social networking app that allows the users to get in connection with acquaintances, strangers and foreigners. Users can Share alerts about all situation in real time at the moment when everything is happening around them Without disclosing any kind of personal information.

Klicklux Application

The client wanted us to create Avatars for the app, he also wanted a 3 sec video to show to its users, the app should also show Notification at home screen, the client said that he also wants a chat screen so that users can communicate with each other.


IOS Application

We made the app exactly how the client told us to do. Our app allows the users to connect with each other in real time without sharing any personal information. The users can select their avatars and nicknames which will help build their profile and maintain privacy. The app sends notifications to users about things happening in 5 mile radius of their location. The users of this app can also ask questions to each other on any topic and interested person can answer it.

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