The Client wanted a platform in both the big mobile app platforms iOS & Android. The app helps you to work on your time/schedule and gives you a chance to be your own boss. This apps allows its users to be answerable to no one and they can keep the profit for themselves.

In the app, You will get a list of jobs that fit your profile in best manner. In order to get those jobs, you must purchase them and start quoting clients. Once the job is awarded to you and you complete it, you will be rewarded with the price that you quoted.


We have developed this app in such a way that users can connect with professionals and professionals can connect with users very easily. We have made an amazing chat module which uses custom UserInfo marker. We have also integrated payments with PayPal which makes the whole process smooth. The app makes API calls as per the requirement which makes the app fast, efficient, and smooth. The app also does not store all data into a local database which makes it lightweight and thunder fast.

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