Ride in Black is an innovative taxi booking app which is designed for people of all ages. The app makes sure that you buy 100% high quality australian service. Ride in black is a specialized chauffered car service with license and best equipment to do so.

The client challenged us with payment gateway integration which was specifically created for mobile platform. The app also had to fast, efficient, and lightweight for making payment services easy. All this was done so as to provide the luxury of best car rides in Australia.


We delivered RideInBlack with the primary focus of delivering a diversified mobile app soultion to the daily demands of the users. The users can request and pay for the ride in one simple click which makes booking a car easily at any time of the day. We integrated Eway and PayPal for payments, libPhonenumber for mobile number validation. The app also has features like zoom-in of images, progress bar, rating bar, and third party app integration. The users can login through Facebook and after they book rides, they can also see the status and estimated time for arrival of their ride.

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