About VognGo

VognGo is smartphone based Transportation app, which allows users to request and pay for a ride with a just a click on the button of screen. Because of its simplicity, it makes very easy to get a vehicle at any time of day or night.

IOS App VognGo

When a user calls a Driver, he will come at pickup location to pick-up the user’s items and will transport and drop them at the pre determined drop-off address. This app is made by keeping in mind the common people as well as businesses who need help to deliver their items/goods on demand.


IOS VognGo Image

The app is made with simplicity and is available in english as well as spanish. It is available on both android and ios platforms. We have made this app very synchronized and lightweight which enhances its performance. When a user or a driver registers on the app, he is verified by using his mobile number and only after the verification of the number, the user can use the app further. The users can also login using facebook. In order to make payments, the users can use credit or debit cards. When an user books the ride, he can see the status of the ride as well as expected duration till the ride will get compleated. The user can also invite his friends and relatives to use the app and there is a feature of using promo codes also.

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