About Voice Application

Voic.ee is a smartphone platform for Android and iOS where user can give their opinion on current affairs by the means of polls. There are different categories like politics, media, sports and so on where users can share their views in terms of YES / NO.

IOS App Voice Application

In this application, the admin can post question on server and allows user to give answer on same in YES or NO with just one swipe and can see the percentage of other people’s opinion with pie chart in percentage ratio on mobile app. And also user can see all previous question with updated pie chart.


IOS Voice App

We developed the app with amazing features like the users can swipe left or right to give yes or no as an answer or they can scroll up or down to change question. The users will be able to see the current status of answers on their screen and the admin can create new questions and update the database. It is also important to note that the app can work on both online and offline modes.The flow of events in the application are very easy to understand and the user can share his opinion directly from the lock screen also. After we delivered the project, the client was very much pleased with the work because he got exactly what he asked for.

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