Dive Raid is an online application which teaches its users everything they want to know about scuba diving. It also gives certificates to its users upon successful completion of the course. Dive Raid wants to revolutionize the way in which scuba diving is done.

Dive Raid wanted their website to offer services like online course learning, shopping cart, certification, and Social media integration. They also wanted their users to be able to register on the website and buy courses by paying online directly in the portal.


We evaluated the client’s requirement and after discussion with our expert team members, we started our work. First we implemented user registration and when the user logins, he can buy the services and courses of Dive Raid. We integrated various courses like free-diving, deep-diving, technical diving and so on. We also gave multiple levels to the courses and users can go to next level only if they have completed the previous ones. After the whole project got completed, the client was so happy that they even asked us to make their mobile app for both android and ios.

Let's get work together.