iDateUS is a dating and social website with community management system. It is designed with an innovative concept and new approach towards internet dating. iDateUS is built to bridge the gap between the needs of singles in present times.

The primary ideology behind developing this project was to redefine the way in which men and women date online.iDateUS helps you to take control of your love life and meet someone special. At i-Verve, we tried to simplify the complexities in the project to make it successful.


To make the project successful, we designed the layout and also developed XHTML, HTML, CSS, MYSQL, JQuery, Ajax, and Javascript. Apart from designing and coding, our team also indulged in various other activities like Requirement gathering, Time Planning and management, Overall testing and deployment. In order to allow the growth of users exponentially, we made the interface easy to use and work with.

Let's get work together.