Marshalls World of Sport is a south african company which offers betting services on horse races and international sports events with the use of internet. They are reputed and respected as the leaders in south african betting industry.

The client came to us with specific but complex requirements. He wanted betting management in admin & front panel. He also wanted to show the number of bets placed by a user. Besides this, the client also wanted to show multiple Sports Categories and tips for Sports and betting.


We designed and developed a sports event website where user logs into account and place bets, manage previous bets which are pending until the outcome. We integrated multiple payment options for the ease of the end Users and to boost the business of our client. The admin can also cancel the bets from admin pannel if he finds some fraud or cheating. The website can handle thousands of visitors at a time and can serve them well. After the project got compleated, the client said that we helped him achieve his dream of making betting responsible.

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