Embracing YII Framework Development

Providing scalable, secure and high performing web apps with certified Yii developers.

Yii is a high performing open source PHP framework that uses lazy loading techniques and loads much faster than other frameworks.

i-verve works on result-driven approaches to provide a better and secure web presence that is on secure development framework featuring both client side and server side validations.

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Yii Web Application
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With Following Amazing Features!

We gather customer requirements and envision modern solutions. Our dedicated Yii developers are experts in PHP development services to meet specific client demands with round-the-clock innovation to promote your businesses. Let’s take a look at different features we implement.

MVC Architecture Pattern

i-verve adopts widely accepted and proven MVC design patterns that allow clearly separate database and logic that offers easy to understand and simple coding.

QA and Testing

Our PHP developers are expert in YII development, the use the features of unit testing along with functionality tests in projects for websites.

Authorization and Authentication
Authorization and Authentication

Helping control entire site without any hassle and protect from crashes we use complete authentication and authorization that is role-based access control (RBAC) and gives authority to manage.

Form and Built-in Validations

YII makes it easier to collect form inputs and set validations safely with different YII helper methods and widgets simplifying the task for validation and form input.

AJAX-enabled Widgets

To provide dynamic and versatile user interface and writing, we integrate YII with jQuery and AJAX-enabled widgets like data grid, tree view and autocomplete input fields.

YII framework is profitable for companies

We offer best YII framework PHP development solutions according to client’s business requirements in collaborations with our professional YII developers. We provide clean, extensible, secure, robust, flexible and maintainable project work with 100% client satisfaction by following an exclusive work strategy.

24X7 technical assistance with seamless communication to attain transparency during and post development process.

Our YII Solutions developed and deployed are cost-effective and affordable.

Our YII developers follow “Flexible Engagement Model” with YII Framework Set with Development Services.

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